Frequently Asked Questions

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I already have something that does this.

Short answer: No, you don't.

Long answer: We've literally heard this from every client of ours. Whether it's the big guys like vAuto or the smaller firms, we have yet to find a company that does what we do. They're not even close. A majority of companies provide pricing insights based on market information. However, the market doesn't buy your car, your customers do. And those customers are doing their research online before they pick up the phone or walk in a dealership. Therefore, we analyze your customers' online behavior and tell you their opinion of every car in your inventory -- before they even contact you. Now, after you price your car using the market, you don't have to wait for phone calls and emails to refine your prices.

I'm still not convinced. You aren't doing anything new.

All dealers we've spoken to have outlined the same process: they price a vehicle using market data and product knowledge - then they wait. If there's no action on a vehicle after a period of time, the price is usually lowered. This process repeats until the car is sold or taken to auction. All these dealers are reacting. With Autoscores, dealers can be proactive, because we're analyzing your customers before they call or email you. And we're doing it a level or detail and sophistication that hasn't been done before in the car industry.

If you're still not convinced, we'd love to hear from you and the tool you use. Send us an email or call us!

I'm coming around, but how is it useful to me?

Instead of waiting a certain time period before adjusting vehicle prices, you can use Autoscores' daily email alerts and take action. Meaning, a dealer doesn't have to wait 30 days before lowering the pricing of car. He can refine a car's price within days. If you receive a high score alert, raise the price of the car before the customer walks in. If you receive a low score alert, lower the price to ensure you sell the car before the end of the month (or before taking it to auction). By acting instead of waiting, you sell vehicles faster and at more profitable prices. Before Autoscores, this was impossible to do.

Isn't this the same as looking at VDP views and SRPs?

Nope. VDP (vehicle detail page) views and SRPs (search result pages) are a small fraction of the information that customers are leaving on your website. Customers are interacting with your website and leaving countless data points with each click. Our cutting-edge big data algorithms can crunch all these data points and find insights that tell you what your customers think about your cars. If you only look at VDP views and SRPs, you're basically viewing every customer as a 'window shopper'.

I don't have time to install, learn, and use a new tool.

Exactly! You guys are too busy as it is. That's why Autoscores was made to NOT CHANGE anything in your dealership. Once you add our code to your website, you're done. We take care of data entry and all you have to do is check your email for alerts. If you want to see your entire inventory, you can log in to our web application.

Will this affect the performance of my website?

Not at all. Our Javascript code snippet is asynchronous and non-blocking.

What information do you collect on my online customers?

We collect aggregated, non-identifiable information. Meaning, we don't collect names, addresses, IP addresses, credit card numbers, SSNs, and email text. We do collect their mouse behavior, like clicks.

Complete and detailed information can be found in our Terms of service and Privacy Policy