Combat gross compression.

Save GSM time.

Turn your inventory.

Machine learning that predicts your car sales.

How Autoscores works

Hundreds or thousands of users are browsing your inventory online.

All your website vistors are leaving an incredibly vast amount of data (beyond just leads and visits) that are correlated with their purchase interest towards one or more cars in your inventory. Autoscores collects all this data securely and anonymously for future processing.

Our statistical models analyze what your customers do.

Autoscores is able to process all the gathered data and previous sales to model and predict future sales. Thus, our models are able to differentiate between cars that are drawing a lot of interest from your clients and cars that are going to sit on your lot for a while.

We report which of your cars is likely to sell right now.

Autoscores provides you with daily scores for each car in your inventory, letting you know which ones are likely to sell soon and which ones are not attracting purchase interest.

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Why Autoscores rocks

We're the first company to data mine your customer's behavior. Why only look at the market when you can learn insights directly from your customers - they buy the vehicles.

We're amazingly accurate. We created our own big data algorithms that are designed to analyze millions of data points and produce highly accurate sales predictions specifically for your inventory.

Autoscores doesn't add any overhead to your dealership. You don't have to enter any info, we do it for you. If you don't want to log in, we'll simply send you an email with vehicles that require your attention.

Our clients describe the benefits of Autoscores

Yark Automotive Group

Dave Boehm, General Manager

"Autoscores gives us excellent, easy-to-understand, and unbiased reporting on how each vehicle in our inventory is performing. We save time by immediately seeing which vehicles are hot and which are cold. This allows us to retain better grosses on hot units and quickly address problematic cars that would slow our turn."

Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead

Jeff Garris, Director of Business Development

"Autoscores is an invaluable tool for tracking what real online shoppers think about my inventory. We’re able to improve grosses and turn because Autoscores can pick up signs from my customers that market conditions can't."

Lynch Toyota

Bonnie Holt, General Manager

"Autoscores has helped us easily track crucial inventory statistics. The data we care about is truly at our fingertips now. Autoscores is a valuable tool that saves us time and is simple to use."

Our Team

Meet our Co-founders.

David Pilo


Before Autoscores, David was a Program Manager for the Excel Team at Microsoft. His work was focused on bringing Business Intelligence tools to the masses and delivering a compelling experience for Excel as web application. He has bachelor degrees of mathematics and computer science from Rollins College and a master's degree in operations research from Cornell University.

Noah John


Before Autoscores, Noah was a software engineer at EA Sports, where he worked on the NBA Live franchise as a gameplay engineer. He has bachelor degrees of computer science and mathematics from Rollins College and a master's degree of science from Colorado State University. His graduate work included machine learning, neural networks, and computer science education. Noah has been an avid traveler since graduating college and lived in Spain and South America for close to 3 years. He also has a habit of hiking the highest mountain in any area he lives.


Transparent pricing and no contracts. We bill monthly and you can cancel anytime.


Billing begins 7 days after Autoscores produces the first sales predictions for your account. You will receive an email notification from Autoscores when predictions are first available. Autoscores will not charge you for the initial time needed to train its predictive model for your dealership.




United States: 330 368-4846
Spain: 91 198 11 72